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Format/Guide – Report Abuse/Hackers
READ BEFORE POSTING - How to report a rule breaker
   Format/Giude - Report Abuse/Hackers

This guide is used for reporting users if they've broken rules in game. Make sure you're reporting someone for a valid reason, rules can be found here: If you are reporting someone for doing something wrong on the forums, just click the 'Report' button found under every post the violator has made.

We like our community to take action when they see something that they don't like to make our server a better place. To help us work faster thru the growing number of support issues using the correct TITLE and following the format will help immensely.

THE TITLE - There are two main components to the title that should always be included.
  • The type of abuse - [Hack] [Advertising] [Skin] [Swearing/Profanity] etc...
  • Name of violator - example: [Wobblecraft]
Your title in the end should look similar to this: [Hack] [Name]
So you do not need to include anything else in the title, just the two tags that are listed above.

THE FORMAT - All parts of the format are required as it will make the the support team's job much easier. We will be able to solve your submission on the first entry with less follow up required. *IMPORTANT* - Put the rule breakers player name not your own.
  • In game name - (The rule breaker’s name)
  • Reason - (What the rule breaker did to break the rules)
  • Proof - (Screenshots/Video of what the rule breaker did)
  • Description of Event - (What took place when the rule was broken)

Once you have completed fill out the online support ticket it should look similar to this example:
[Image: BrMlKvU.png]

If all else fails and you still need assistance please watch the following video:
[Image: dCWhc0F.gif]

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