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What counts and doesn't count to a Promotion!
What counts and doesn't count to a Promotion!
See some on you want to get trusted a post "vouch" your thinking that helps right? not likely, hears the few vouch we consider valid.

1. Anyone will with 100+ post, of non-spam.
2. Current Trusted, Mods, Admins.
3. Past, Admins, Mods or trusted who properly quit. (Didn't get removed/ never seen.)
4. Any one white-listed, on are white-listed servers.
5. Any direct affiliates of LegitPlay, including devs.
6. Anyone's credited work that was used, Maps, images, and code.

Vouching on app's means you accept responsibly for the players your vouching for. (EX i vouch for Panda, Panda griefs, Me and panda are responsible, because i vouched)
[Image: dCWhc0F.gif]

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