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Official Universal Rules
Official Universal Rules 
                                                                                          Official Universal Rules 

All rules that are listed on this thread are now in effect as of May 2014 and apply to all ranks on the LegitPlay Network. The following rules apply to the LegitPlay Minecraft Servers and Forums. All of the chat rules apply to any of our chat systems we have, an example of this would be general chat or private message. All users are to read and follow the rules to avoid the punishment of kick or ban. If for any reason a rule needs to be changed or modified, the LegitPlay Administration has the right to do so without advanced notification.

Respect All Users – Please be respectful and kind to others while playing games, or even lounging in lobbies. Forum respect will be enforced; do not write something that will be considered rude, it does hurt someone’s feelings in the end. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and will result in a ban. We will NOT allow the following:
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Ageism
  • Remarks about Disabilities
  • Religion
  • Or any other kinds of Discrimination

Also a note on other languages, it is not considered racist if they don't speak your language. English is recommended when asking something from an English Staff Member, though we do not require you to speak it. You are free to speak any language on the LegitPlay Network, but swearing or breaking chat rules in another language will not be allowed.

Respect All Staff Members – All decisions made by the LegitPlay Staff is considered final. Please do not argue with a judgment made by one of our staff members. If you feel a member of staff is abusing you or others, please contact an Admin thru the forums, email them directly, or notify us via a support ticket.

Impersonation of Players/Staff – Impersonation of others is a serious offense on the LegitPlay Network, as we do not take this lightly. If you witness someone impersonating another, please contact a Moderator ASAP. Impersonating to be staff on the forums is not allowed; please do not trick someone to think you are able to do something that you can’t.
Trusted Players have the yellow [T] prefix, Moderators will have the dark green [M] prefix, and all Administrators will have a red [A] prefix for identification.

Account Security – Any breach made by a family, friend, or random player is completely on you. LegitPlay Network does not take responsibility for your security on your Minecraft or Forum account. If a rule is broken under an account, that account will be punished. No exceptions.

Advertising – Advertising in any form or fashion is not permitted on LegitPlay servers or forums. If found doing so will result in an immediate temporary ban that will last at a minimum of 6 months from our servers and forums. This includes and not limit to sharing a server IP Address in public chat, item or animal name, etc.

YouTube Channel or Twitch account is permitted as long as you have gotten email authorizations first using our support system.

Announcing anything that relates to a party for games and adventure maps is allowed; though please do not break the rules of Spam & Capital Letters.

Spam or use of Excessive Capital Letters – Spam of any type is not permitted. The minimal requirement for to be classified as spam includes, but is not restricted to the posting of same or similar messages consecutively, a repetitive number of times within the space of a few or more seconds. Messages comprising of all or a large amount of caps is also considered spam. Spam on the Forums will not be tolerated, spamming posts or threads will either get you suspended or banned from the forums.

Profane Language is STRICTLY Forbidden – Please be mindful of others when speaking in chat, we do have children playing on the network with you. Profane language (swearing) is not allowed. This also includes the naming of items and animals. Profane or offensive pet names will not be tolerated. Use of Profane Language on the forums will cause said post/thread to either be edited to something cleaner, or for the entire post to be deleted.

Offensive Skins – Skins that are offensive or sexually explicit are not permitted on the LegitPlay Network. All who have a skin of such nature will be warned at first, but further consequences may follow if use of the skin is continued.

Client Modifications/Hacks – Use of modified clients or hacked clients is strictly forbidden on the LegitPlay Network. Any modification that will help a user win a game or give them an advantage is considered illegal. If caught using Hacked Clients or Modifications, will result in a: 1st offense 15 day temp ban 2nd offense permanent ban from the LegitPlay Network.

Types of modifications that are allowed:
  • Mods that are purely for aesthetic purposes, eg: Shaders Mods
  • Mods that provide enhancement to the way Minecraft performs (FPS etc), eg: Optifine.
  • Rei's Minimap and Better Sprinting are now allowed as we can limit certain options.

Types of modifications that are not allowed:
  • Mods that provide enhanced player movement, eg: Smart Movement Mod.
  • Mods that allow flight, 'speed hacks', and extended reach, eg Nodus Client.
  • Mods that provide additional data to the player that would otherwise not be seen, eg: Radar Chest Mods.
  • Mods that exploit the AFK prevention system by constantly pinging player movement, eg: Macros and 'Rave Mods'.

For more detailed information please read up on

Cheating or Exploiting will get you Banned! - Exploiting a glitch or bug in mini-games or adventure maps is not allowed and will get you in trouble, please report all bugs on the forums so we can fix it ASAP. Report all bugs relating to the LegitPlay Network here.

Banning policy - An attempt at establishing communication will be made prior to a ban. However, during certain times the server can be very busy, and depending on reason for the ban, you may not be warned. In situations where the player is significantly changing the game environment, they may be banned without any warning. You may appeal bans by following the appeals process at:
We will not discuss ban appeals in the in-game chat. Lifting bans is done entirely at the discretion of the Mods / Admins, and conditions may be imposed if a ban is lifted.

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